Accept Payments

Embedded Payment Pages

To use Epay Embedded Payment pages you need a payment page (if you don't have a payment page created you should create one), and follow the sample snippet below to add it to your site or web application.

Follow this steps to successfully collect payments from your customers easily:

  • Copy the code below and paste on your site

    <a class="epay_inline"
        data-pay_button_text="Pay Now">
    <script src=""></script>
  • Change the default value of data-payment_page to your payment page url
  • Collect your payments
  • Recieve Payment Notifications and updates via your webhook url

This will generate a button where the script is placed on your website. Remember to replace parameters with your own parameters.You can also change the style of your button by targetting this class epay-pay-button.

How it works

When the button is clicked, our secure payment modal will be popped up for your user to enter his/her details followed by payment details.

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