WordPress/WooCommerce plugin

For WordPress websites which uses the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin, Epay offers an easy to use plugin that integrates the Epay payment option into your website.

  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Still in the WordPress admin dashboard, go to the WooCommerce plugin settings, and then to the Payments tab.
  • If the plugin is correctly installed, there should be an Epay payment option among the payment gateways listed at the bottom of the page. However, it would not be enabled. Enabling it should look this way.
  • Select the Epay gateway, and you would be taken to the plugin configuration page.

  • Here, first enable the plugin, and then add the merchant_key, app_id and app_secret generated from your dashboard. Please note payments would not work without these requirements met. Once done, hit save.

  • Still on the woocommerce plugin settings, go to the General tab to specify a currency you want to accept payments in.

    Head to the currency section and choose from the options.

  • Epay should now be listed as an enabled payment gateway, and your customers would see the option to pay using Mobile money at checkout pages on your site.

Once you click on pay on the checkout page, you would get an approval message to approve your transaction. You can learn more on how to make these approval depending on your networkhere.

Next, learn about Managing your accounts.